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Paul Bodden: Links

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    Friends & Collaborators...

    Seth Weinstein
    I could not have made this CD without Seth’s expert musical supervision. A quick survey of the more personal parts of his website might explain why he responds so strongly to the quirkiest of my compositions.
    Besides being my very wonderful musical director, Seth is a very accomplished composer in his own right. His musical, How to Save The World And Find True Love In 90 Minutes had a very successful off-Broadway run early in 2007.
    E Katherine Kerr -- Actor, Teacher, Author
    I started writing songs as a result of being in Katherine Kerr's acting class. Her teaching is based on four principals that promote relaxation and creativity. I think of her as my creativity coach.
    Babs Winn
    Actress and lead singer for MISS BABS & the Kickin' Boogie Band. Babs sang my song, "I Lose My Heart" in the Goddess Concert at Merkin Hall.
    Mary Sheeran
    Mary Sheeran: multi-talented friend and neighbor; classically trained soprano, cabaret performer, theologian and published writer (see her website).
    While at the General Theological Seminary, Mary wrote a dissertation on the theme of decapitation in the Old Testament. So I thought she was a natural to premiere my art song: She Had Lost Her Head. And she did! In a cabaret show at the sorely missed Danny’s Skylight Room.
    Tyler C Gore
    Tyler C. Gore Design
    Tyler is my webdesigner. He's knowledgeable, has a great design sense, he's fast and he's very easy to work with. He's an excellent teacher/trainer too. On top of all that, he's an excellent writer.

    Paul is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

    Manhattan Association of Cabaret and Clubs
    The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
    Screen Actor's Guild

    Cabaret Artists

    Joyce Breach
    One of my very favorite singers both as a cabaret performer and recording artist
    Barbara Lea - The High Priestess Of Popular Song
    Barbara isn't performing much these days, but you can hear her on her many recordings.
    Ronny Whyte
    Superb singer, jazz pianist and composer
    Eric Comstock
    Singer, Pianist. Besides being a charming and engaging performer, Eric is a walking encyclopedia of the American Songbook.
    Barbara Fasano
    I love this Barbara also. She has a great voice and impeccable taste in music (the proof: she sings all of my very favorite Harold Arlen songs).
    Barbara teaches "Sing The Truth" at the Singer's Forum and she practices what she preaches.
    Laurie Krauz
    Laurie is a terrific jazz singer. We met a great many years ago in a musical theater class. Of course, Laurie was a very precocious kindergartner at the time...
    Alexandra Frederick Jazz Vocalist
    She has the creamiest, most beautiful voice and plays piano too!

    Other Favorites

    Tony Bennett
    John Bucchino
    Nina Simone - The Official Website

    Cabaret Resources

    The Mabel Mercer Foundation
    Run by Donald Smith, this organization has done much to promote cabaret and its performers.
    City Cabaret
    Online magazine
    Cabaret Exchange
    "Raising the Bar on All Things Cabaret"
    Cabaret Scenes Magazine
    Stu Hamstra's Cabaret Hotline online

    Musical Resources

    The music software I use for composing.
    PPI Recording
    the sound studio where my CD was recorded, mixed and mastered
    Media Duplication NYC
    The very helpful company that replicated my CD
    Mannes College The New School for Music