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Paul Bodden: Music & Lyrics

Power Plant (from "The Princess Musical")

Words & music by Paul Bodden
An eleven-year-old boy imagines that he is a beautiful princess, then the reality of living in the Projects on New York's Lower East Side kicks in...
When I grow up,
I’m gonna be a power plant.
I’ll be taller than tall,
A mighty brick wall:
A power plant.

When I grow up,
I’m gonna do disgusting things.
I’ll eat mountains of coal
And swallow them whole,
And I'll belch enough smoke
To make them all choke,
Disgusting things.

Not gonna be
What they want me to be;
Not charming, not bad, not good.
They're gonna see
What I want them to see;
Not fairy, not faggot, not hood.

When I grow up,
I’m gonna be a power plant.
I've got my own plan,
I won't be a man,
Not a princess or fool,
I'm breaking the rule
I'll be a power plant.
Gonna be a power plant.
A power plant.

Copyright © 2005 by Paul Bodden