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Paul Bodden: The Buzz

Excerpts from Jan Wallman's review of "FOOL FOR LOVE" at The Metropolitan Room, Feb 2009

A large part of this act is devoted to [Paul Bodden’s] original songs. Advice to those planning a cabaret act and learning material: check it out! See the show, hear the CD titled “I Lose My Heart (and Other Body Parts…)”

His opening song “Fool for Love” shows us immediately who this guy onstage is…Paul has a strong presence. The hardest thing for an actor to do is to play himself. In this he succeeds admirably in his own song and segues neatly into the Duke Ellington/Luther Henderson Jr. “Love You Madly” as Duke did it, singing directly to each member of the audience. He has an incredible mix of songs…particularly [his own] “Born to be His (The Older Man)”, a most impressive tribute to his long time partner, Thad McGar. Without a doubt this is the most awesome number of the evening.

The middle section was the Barbara Lea portion of the show. She was in the audience on opening night to receive his testimonial. What a thrill that was to the many who remember and revere this iconic jazz-cabaret-recording artist. Paul sang four of “her” songs, the plaintive “Child in Me Again” by Annie Dinerman ... Paul did a rousing version of “Make Believe,”…the spoof “Remember” from Stephen Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music” and …Irving Berlin’s “Monkey Doodle Doo.” These selections gave us old-timers lovely memories of dear Barbara and introduced new folks to the art form of cabaret and what it was all about in its hopefully not forgotten past glory.

You owe it to yourself to enjoy the well chosen standards and Paul Bodden’s own amazing songs…All in all an exciting show…This kind of thing only happens when a talented performer devotes a lot of hard work to his craft and surrounds himself with such supporters as excellent pianist/musical director/arranger Seth Weinstein; sensitive and clever director Peter Napolitano, and New York’s pre-eminent technical director Michael Barbieri on lights and sound.

What People Are Saying...

Dear Paul,
A real revelation to me this afternoon – you are SUCH a wonderfully communicative singer. You bring such heartfelt intelligence to everything you sing and say...The stories were both touching and apposite. I love the moon one. Well just “moons” and “fathers” and I’m gone anyway.

Along the way, ... I’d love to have the sheets to Slow Relationship, Broken Ground and I Lose My Heart. You do write some great stuff!

Again thanks for a most entertaining afternoon.

- Regarding "I Lose My Heart (and other body parts...)" cabaret act performed at Helen's Hideaway Room, Sep & Nov 2005,
Paul Bodden is a treasure... a rare combination of multiple talents - innovative composer, singer and actor. Paul's artistry is a joy to behold as he brings his songs to life night after night. Audiences love him.
Judith Greentree - Playwright/Actor/Songwriter (Oct 25, 2007)

About the new CD

Singers with taste, intelligence and big hearts will be clamoring to sing these songs.

Anyone who has ever wondered "Where did all the good songs go?" will find them here.

A fresh voice, a unique style...

Fun and compassionate and uniquely original

Class and style with heart - a rare combination for our time...
Gloria Rosen - Playwright/Actor/Singer (Oct 29, 2007)
I had the privilege of directing Paul's 2005 show at Helen's
Hideaway. The show was a combination of compelling family history,
standards and Paul's trunk songs. I was immediately taken by Paul's
original songs and I encouraged him to use more of them them in his
show. He agreed.
Hearing I LOSE MY HEART brings back the initial pleasure of
discovering a new voice in the post modern American songbook. The
well crafted songs run the gamut from gospel-blues to 1950s cocktail
music. Paul even leaps into the world of absurdist art songs. And if
you listen closely you'll hear echoes Arlen, Berlin and Kurt Weill
tossed into the mix. It is a tasty feast for the ears and the heart.
Happy listening!
I have seen Paul perform his songs on many occasions and can never
get enough. Listening to his musical creations takes me to a place of
warmth and comfort. His beautifully produced CD, I LOSE MY HEART,
captures the true essence of his music and now I can listen whenever
my heart desires, which is often!
Paul Bodden takes us on a joyous and heart-wrenching romp through a vast musical landscape - his songs run the gamut from Blues, Barbershop and Gospel influences, to Latin, Cowboy and even Classical Lieder. They have a deliciously unpredictable and untamed quality, are rhythmically and melodically exciting, and the lyrics are witty and sharp. Songs like 'Slow Relationship' are surely worthy of the likes of torch singers Bette Midler and Judy Garland, and you can most definitely hear hints of Hoagy and the roaring twenties in 'Huffa Chuffa, the Railroad Lullaby'! It's no accident that Bodden paints with a pallette reminiscent of his rich cultural heritage, and it's right here to be heard.

More about "I Lose My Heart (and other body parts...)" cabaret act performed at Helen's Hideaway Room, Sep & Nov 2005

...a terrific entertainer! We had a wonderful time!
...a charming and engaging evening of songs.